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Aegean Flavours is an essential travel company for people who love food. We are dedicated to providing the best travel advice by offering the perfect mix of inspirational itineraries and Greek food in Greece of course. Most importantly, our company is your escape to dream Greek destinations. We take pride in showing you Greece and its food. We offer lovers of travel, food, wine, history, and culture the opportunity to see the Greece of their dreams.

We carefully select travel experiences fit for each of our clients. Whether working with a group of 2 or 20, Andreas and Emmanuelle pour through their personal experiences to create one-of-a-kind culinary programs. From the cliffs of Santorini to the Peloponnesian countryside to the Greek north.

Our guests learn Greece, share stories, make lasting friendships and undoubtedly have a fabulous time. We felt like we had succeeded in giving back to the community some of the same experiences that we so value from our tourism studies in the UK & France and the vacations of our past. Our goal is always the same: to bring people together in one place where they can discover and share memories of Greek food and wine.

Our chefs are prepared for both the eager novice and the experienced home cook. The atmosphere lends itself to learning and participation leavened with fun! Our team consists of our reservation department in the south of France, and our programs are run by our team in Greece which consists of people with enthusiasm and zest for life. Our food tours, wine tours, tastings, and historical visits are run by professional guides. As for the cooking lessons’ instructors, these are legends of the local cuisine!

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