Chef Maria
(“Gastronomic Escape”, Athens)
Maria or Mario born and raised in Athens, learnt all the secrets of Greek cooking from her mother. She is a world-class, local, authentic Athenian Greek cooking teacher. Her love for food has allowed her to embrace many lovely recipes which are given to you under her superior guidance.Her tavern’s path traveled through time to the historic centre of Athens.
Mama Nota
(“Tastes of Greece”, Poros Island)
Nota is a Poros local. She disposes a lifetime of cooking experience and helps our guests to learn to prepare true and tasty Greek dishes which come from the heart of our traditions. Maybe her moussaka is the best our guests have ever had. She reveals a lot of secrets of Greek food that most of us cannot know. For Nota, food, life and celebration of living are in direct connection with each other.
Ancient Greek Food Specialist Mariana
(“Cretan Diet” & Seminars, Crete)
Having a background in Archaeology and Sociology and passion for historic and contemporary foodways, she specialises in the Greek food history and sociology of Greek eating habits. Mariana is more than anything a Greek food event organizer; food curator and consultant and the the author of the “Language of Taste” – a dictionary of Greek Gastronomy honoured by the Gourmand Awards 2012, Food Literature category, and the “Adventure of food in Greece” . She also instructs our guests in Chania Crete. Together we organise sessions of Greek gastronomy in Crete.
Awarded Chef Vassilis
(“Aegean food & Wine Experience”, Santorini)
Vassilis was born and raised in Santorini. He is a myth of the local cuisine. He has represented several times the island abroad in competitions, conferences and presentations that have to do with the local gastronomy. In 2013 was in the team that designed and implemented “Santorini year of gastronomy 2013''. He owns his own restaurants in the island trying to give the visitor an authentic taste of the local gastronomy.
Instructor Koula
(“Cretan Diet”, Crete)
Koula, born and raised in a Cretan village, carries all the knowledge of her family and shares it with us with love and purity. She is the author of a tremendous cooking book, published in Canada and U.S, where she used to live for many years. All her dishes are made of genuine, pure Cretan products such as olive oil, vegetables, cheese, meat, wine, etc. and of course all the ingredients are fresh and local. Her cooking school in western Crete is a diamond revealing Cretan cuisine classics.
Chef Liz
(“Tastes of Greece”, Poros Island)
As one of the most sought out cookery courses in Greece, Chef Elizabeth’s intimate way of cooking influences individuals, couples, friends, and small groups to take part in what students say is one of the highlights of their trip to Poros. She is the owner of the restaurant Apaggio and her love for Greek gastronomy goes beyond the usual. She has created a fabulous learning environment. A Cooking Class with her offers a variety of lessons that offer seasonal cuisine, authentic traditional courses, and regional menus. 
Blogger Ivy
(“Celebrate Greek Cuisine”, Nafplio)
Ivy is a lady with class.  She is a Greek-Cypriot, living in Greece for the past thirty years.   Ivy grew up in Limassol, Cyprus, which is a beautiful island, of Greek culture, in the Eastern Mediterranean.  When she got married to a Greek, they decided to move to Greece. Her passion for cooking started by watching her mother and helping her in the kitchen, back in Cyprus, where she grew up. When she stopped working, she wanted to rewrite her old recipes, as the notebooks she had were torn and all greasy after so many years of use.  She decided to copy them on the computer so that she could give a copy to all her children.Her specialties are healthy Greek and Cypriot dishes.  Ivy has expanded Aegean Flavours with other hearty, sophisticated and elegant meals, which fit with our taste and adapted to the Greek way of cooking always cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and using local Greek ingredients such as Greek herbs and spices or Greek cheeses.
Chef Christos
( "Tastes of Greece" in Poros)
A young and talented cook called Christos is with us to introduce you to the postmodern Greek philosophy.  His enthusiasm dazzles you with our tasty dishes specially designed and taught by him. He values the pure Greek materials which are reflected in his cooking class. The classes take place in his lovely restaurant area beneath the olive trees, a trademark of Mediterranean cuisine.
Sommelier Georgia
(“Aegean food & Wine Experience”, Santorini)
Aegean flavours has formed a co-operation with the awarded restaurant Selene and the sommelier Georgia. Georgia is the foremost expert on the Santorini's unique agriculture. She coordinates and teaches some of our cooking classes and she was a major force behind Santorini’s Year of Gastronomy designation in 2013. Along with Selene’s owners, Yiorgos and Evelyn Hatziyannakis, they created the cultural village museum Santorini of the Past within the restaurant complex. The museum has seven rooms detailing Santorini life including three devoted to gastronomy. “Selene is zero distance from farm to table,” Georgia says with a broad smile obviously as pleased with the restaurant’s location on Santorini as she is with this fabled island’s products.
Instructor Teta
"Greek Hospitality", Mykonos
Teta  was born in Athens . She moved to Mykonos in 2011, due to her husband who was born and raised on the island. Since 2012, due to her cooking instruction competences, she has been established as a “cult favourite” among locals and visitors, who visit this beautiful island just to taste Teta’s exquisite traditional recipes and experience the Greek and Mykonian hospitality. Teta learnt all her secrets from her grandmother and her mother, Her recipes have been included in many cooking catalogues, including the Asian version of the “Best European Recipes”. Moreover, her now famous spanakopita (spinach pie) and her gemista (stuffed tomatoes and peppers) have attracted famous visitors, including chefs and cooks, all the way from the Australian and the American Continents.
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